In today’s business world, where quality, service and professionalism are paramount our security staff are supported by a very highly trained and experienced hands on management team. You will find that the personalized service and attention to detail is second to none and that is a big statement from a security company that stands on its reputation.

Our Security guards are the benchmark to which others compare. It is not only our extensive training that sets us apart from the rest; it is our experience, ability to identify personalities and designate staff on the basis of task compatibility, not working on the basis of who is available. It is this specific identification of individual task requirements that allows our guards to not only perform in a manner only benefiting the true professional, but to perform in an environment where they are compatible both physically and mentally. It is our commitment to giving the client what they want that ensures you will receive officers that are suited to your particular needs. Specialized Security provides guards that are trained to provide support in many situations.



A1 Everest Security Services is the leading educational provider of fire fighting training courses. Our fire safety training courses will equip learners with the skills and knowledge required for different jobs in the fire safety industry. They will also enable students to combat fires in an efficient manner. Basic fire safety is essential for protecting lives in your building and it is a requirement you know your workplace fire facts.

We provide a fire safety course to suit everyone from firefighter training, fire awareness training to fire evacuation training. Knowing which fire safety training course to select is understandably difficult, but A1 Everest Security Services has the best array of courses for you and your organization.

We deliver training courses for professions such as: fire warden training, fire marshal training, fire risk assessment training, fire prevention training, fire safety training ppt, fire officer training, fire service training and fire protection training. Our courses will form an important part of fire prevention workplace regulations and will supply you with superb fire safety ideas.

For individuals that want to ensure they have the skills to operate a fire extinguisher, we teach courses that cover areas such as: fire extinguisher training, fire extinguisher safety training, fire safety certificate, and a dedicated fire extinguisher course. In addition, we also supply safety training videos, OSHA safety training and a fire safety management course.

Improve the health and safety of your property/inhabitants with our health and safety training workplace fire safety training or fire safety director training. A1 Everest Security Services is one of the few educational providers that supplies online fire training. It is important to be aware of fire safety issues particularly during fire safety week and you will find our fire safety tips beneficial.

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